We often play the ‘best meal ever’ game, and the best bouillabaisse I have ever eaten, in the old port of Marseille several years ago, is always included. The steaming bowl of the freshest shellfish, caught that morning and served in its aromatic soup with a crusty, warm baguette, was so memorable that nothing since has compared. Also getting a mention is the jerk chicken in Barbados (from an unassuming local café) and the fidéua I had in Mallorca. We ate the Catalan speciality (similar to paella but made with noodles instead of rice) under the shade of an olive tree.

I love playing this game, and every time we do, it takes me back to the exact place, time and company I was with – it’s an instant photograph in my mind.

Food creates memories, and all of mine above were made on cruises – and I’m delighted to see that all these places are highlighted in this issue of Moments.

Continuing the foodie theme, we’re thrilled to be adding to our line-up of illustrious P&O Cruises Food Heroes. The glorious Shivi Ramoutar is a well-known face on television with her classic and contemporary Caribbean dishes incorporating memories from her birthplace, Trinidad. When we knew Arvia was to spend the winter in the Caribbean, Shivi was an obvious choice, bringing her special brand of sparkle to our on-board dining experience. Read more about Shivi on page 8.

Talking of sparkle, our new shows on Iona are wowing the guests who have joined us on her series of UK coastal cruises this summer. The breathtaking aerialists performing in the two new shows Rise and Triboo are unlike anything we've seen before, and SkyDome is an incredible venue to showcase their talents and skills.

Taking us back to heady summer days and also getting rave reviews is Festival, the new show from Jonathan Wilkes and Paul Domaine with its feel-good soundtrack and mesmerising choreography.

Summer, Spain and Shivi; ideas, Italy and Iona – it’s all found in the following pages and will, I hope, transport you to far-flung places and dreams of your own ‘best ever’.

Happy memories,

Paul Ludlow, P&O Cruises President

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